Lets have the ESC 2020 in a different way!

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The EBU has decided to cancel the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2020 in Rotterdam because of the actual Corona-Crisis in Europe. We think it should be possible to organise the ESC in a different way. We have still 2 Months till the planned Event. It might be possible to produce the ESC in a Studio without Spectators and Delegations and Artists. You need only 2 Presenter and to show in the Halffinals and the Final only the official Videos of the Songs. You need no Party  no nothing, only Focus on the Contest. It is an unusual Situation and it should be possible to show the ESC in an smaller but professional way. You can show the Artists in a conference switching into their home Countries, as it is normally at the End with the Votes. We should show in this Situation, that we all stay together in a different way and it might help to bring back the ESC in a less exaggeration as it has developed in the last Years. ESC is not olympic Games with faster, higher & further.  Let us stay together with the Artists of 2020 for the ESC and let it make possible in a different way at this complicated Situation in 2020 especially for Artists. We can believe in Europe and the good Future of Europe and show the ESC of this Year in a reduced Way!