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We are closing the #WelcomeForAll Petition this Friday

This Friday, the 24th of February 2023, it will be one year since the Russian full-scale invasion* on Ukraine began. To mark the occasion Europe Must Act (EMA) is going to send out the #WelcomeForAll petition to European Heads of States and EU entities and ask them to apply the same standards for all people-on-the-move arriving in Europe. We started this petition in May 2022 together with 45 co-signing organisations from across Europe calling for an equal approach to migration.  Thanks again to everyone who signed, shared and supported the petition! We’re going to post about our letter to the EU and Heads of States on Europe Must Act’s social media channels and send out a press release this Friday. We would be super happy if all of you could reshare the posts on your social media!  On behalf of the Europe Must Act Team, Christian [upate] changed "attack" to "full-scale invasion" to better reflect that the invasion actually started in 2014.

Europe Must Act
7 months ago