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Ban legal shooting (incl.dogs & cats) & mass murder of animals headed by Secretary-general of Spanish Government María Dolores de Cospedal

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We urge the European Parliament to take a stand against "Dolores Cospedal's legislation!

We are extremely disappointed and outraged by the lack of transparency in the recent passing of new laws by the Spanish parliament. The new laws do not prevent cruelty to animals. Consequently, we can expect to see more deaths and torture of galgos.
We implore the European Parliament to require Spain to update humanitarian laws and improve protection for animals, including dogs. We urge the European Parliament to take a stand against "Dolores Cospedal's legislation".

Every year thousands of galgos are force-trained, tortured, and murdered by hunters!
We urge Spain to take the animal protection laws of EU. In keeping with the high standards that are expected of a European country, we demand that galgos owners and prospective owners be required to comply with a high standard of regulations.
We urge Spain to create an animal police force specializing in the protection and rescue of hunting dogs such as galgos and podencos.
We recommend Spain to create a hunting license tax which hunters are required to pay.The revenue from this tax will be used to fund costs associated with managing abandoned or rescued galgos, their veterinary care and building specialized shelters by regions.

· We seek to improve the treatment and well-being of galgos
· We support the humane treatment of galgos that ensures comfort and freedom from unnecessary pain and suffering.
· We believe galgos owners should provide loving care for the lifetime of their galgos.


In 2014 the Autonomous Regions Council, headed by María Dolores de Cospedal, ratified the “The Reform Act” (HRA), which illegally modifies previous acts, some of which have been in place since 1993.

HRA includes clauses that:
Subsidize hunter tour packages with public funds (303.000€)
Promote hunting as family oriented activities that should remain “in the family” (including hunting licenses for children as young as 14)
Encourages hunting education while at the same time removing over 200 environmental education programs.

HRA now legalizes the shooting, spearing and trapping of many animals (including stray cats and dogs)

HRA increases penalties for interfering with hunting activities.

At the same time research has shown that hunting does NOT provide any of the increased LOCAL income that hunters have claimed.

HRA invalidates and diminishes our national parks and reserves (national heritage sites) Hunting and fishing degrades and destroys eco systems, ruining our land for future generation and sending the wrong message to our children now and in the future. We can never repair the damage that will be done to places like Hoces del Cabriel, where cattle will destroy hiking trails used for centuries by both men and wild animals. We cannot undo this!

3,580 million Euros per year creating or converting 7 million hectare into 6,000 new hunting and fishing reserves. Predicted hunting license sales will almost assuredly fall below the 800,000 per year) This is ludicrous

-91% of Castilla La Mancha territory is now game/fishing reserve. The plundering of our public lands must stop. Our heritage, and the lives of countless animals are being sold to greedy land owners, forestry operations and desperate hunters attempting to reclaim the past.

Recently The Spanish Judiciary Council halted the sale of public lands in Toledo considered “Fauna reserves” (critical habitat) Enough is enough.

HRA is sponsoring “The International Hunting Fair of Ciudad Real” (Fercatur) Are these the values we wish to show the world. In a world where violence is becoming more and more prevalent, do we need more? Do we have so much that land and the lives of animals can be sacrificed for sport? Especially when so much has been lost.

Castilla La Mancha Radio and TV were prohibited from mentioning a police operation known as “Operación Púnica” An incident involving past general secretary Francisco Granados for accepting dubious commissions of 2% or 3% from the pro-hunting organizations.

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