Covid-19 Aid Package for the Live Events Industry

Covid-19 Aid Package for the Live Events Industry

2 сентября 2020 г.
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We are an alliance of the most influential associations in the event industry from over 14 countries in Europe and act in the interest of over 20,000 companies with more than 500,000 employees and more than 200,000 apprentices.`

Events industry is a business sector that creates live events.

In total, the Event industry in Europe ranks second in terms of direct GDP impact, with $182.5 billion in GDP, supporting 2.9 million direct jobs. Every year Europe hosts over 500 million participants at events organized by the industry.

Business events alone involve more than 1.5 billion participants across more than 180 countries yearly and generates approximately EUR 0.95 trillion of direct spending (510,4 million participants and EUR 309.38 billion direct spending in Europe in 2017).

Every year Europe hosts over 500 million participants at business events.[1]

Although the business events sector is important economically in terms of supporting GDP, jobs and expos, it doesn’t have the same level of importance politically. 

We want our industry to be recognized for its value now and not in hindsight, after we are beyond saving from the outcome of COVID-19.

In our countries the authorities who organize Live events are very different: from the ministry of culture, ministry of tourism, to the ministry of foreign affairs.  This disunity condemns us to the lack of common solutions, help and strategies for the development of the industry at an European level, saving work places. Moreover, the event industry does not have a representative in any country’s government, or in the highest levels of power. As the 13th leading industry, we still don't have a voice.

Live events should not be sitting alongside tourism and culture. Their proper place is within the economic engine of countries and cities.

We call upon the Council of European Union and National Governments to swiftly implement the following measures:

1.      Substantial help for keeping people employed

2.      For a productive dialog regarding rescue efforts, we demand the inclusion of Event industry representatives in the European Economy Commissions.

3.     The suspension of the EU aid framework for the COVID-19 crisis phase in the Events Industry

4.      Adaptation of loan programs

·       Extension of credit terms up to 15 years

·       Extension of grace periods: per crisis month +1 year alternatively, flexibility regarding the start of repayment by 2030

·       Mitigating excessive rating requirements

·       Abrogation of the going concern principle, alternatively 100% indemnification



[1]  Taking in consideration that the Oxford Economics research relied only on figures from business events, we can assume that figures including concerts, cultural, mass, public and private events are twice as big.

Подписей: 587Следующая цель: 1 000

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