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Our beautiful son , aged 10 , is not getting the support he so clearly is crying out for , joe was diagnosed at age 6 at great ormond street hospital with aspergers syndrome, the family has sold the home in lanzarote as the school were unable to meet his needs and after suffering bullying, non existent support and being admitted to a highly secure mental hospital in valencia , it was time to return to the U.K for help .

Joe had support previously at school in the U.K that was funded by Essex county council and this was before he was diagnosed , but now Joe has returned we are being told that we may have to wait until December for an EHCP, therefore in the mean time Joe will be at home as he cannot cope with mainstream school and we have had to call the police for support on numerous occasions as Joe has become very distressed.

social services have offered foster care which is not what our son needs and mental health said although he is under the crisis team he will have to wait months for therapy!

What myself, joe's dad , dylan and daisy ( his brother and sister) need is for Joe to get the help he so clearly warrants which is a special school for high functioning autism including therapy.

It seems very evident that Essex county council need to help Joe and the many other children on the high end of the spectrum, but instead they would rather allow him to suffer more by becoming more stressed at home each day and not allowing stability and a safe environment to his siblings.

Please sign this petition to help Joe get what he clearly needs and not become more and more lost in the system.

Please sign this petition in support that Essex county council is failing  children on the high end of the spectrum and not investing in schools for high funcioning children , like all the other counties are.


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