Protect our Tide Pools Now!

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Our tide pool animals at White Point Beach in San Pedro, CA are under attack and need immediate protection!

The tide pools are a rich and thriving ecosystem teaming will all kinds of sea life. School children and visitors come from all around to view these magnificent tide pool dwellers up close. But this ecosystem is now at risk of disappearing forever. For weeks now, large coordinated groups of people have been coming to the small Tide Pool area of White Point Beach in San Pedro and removing dangerous amounts of sea life, well beyond the legal limit. Recently, the Game Warden has warned these people to stop, however, extreme amounts of tide pool creatures continue to be taken on a daily basis with no regard to the environmental impact they are having.

If immediate action is not taken, this tide pool will quickly be raped of all its life and will never recover! It’s happened before to other areas along our coast. We must stop this from happening again! We are demanding that this tide pool area be declared a No Take Marine Preserve Area making it illegal to remove any sea life whatsoever. 

You can help by calling Cal Tip (888) 334-2258, if you see violations. A local community of concerned citizens is organizing in San Pedro, who will work together with local relevant organizations and agencies to bring an end to the unsustainable pillaging of our tide pools. Please sign up to get involved:

Please let your representatives know that Royal Palms / White Point needs immediate protection and for it to be made into a No Take Marine Reserve.