Build new homeless services in every LA District 11 neighborhood, not just Venice!

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Venice is fed up and pushed to the brink! We have big hearts and open minds, and are willing to do our fair share, but we cannot be the only community in District 11 solving the huge problem of homelessness.

Now the City of Los Angeles wants to build a now 154 bed (previously "only" 100 bed)  "temporary" shelter at the former MTA bus yard, just 1 block from the beach, and surrounded on all 4 sides by homes, when not a single one of the other 17 site proposals and alternative options across LA is completely surrounded by homes.

This is in addition to:

136 units of permanent supportive and low-income housing and a variety of related services on the Venice Median, also 1 block from the beach, at an exorbitant and wasteful cost of nearly $500,000 each.

Another 98 units of permanent supportive housing in the Oxford Triangle, with a similar price tag nearing $500,00 each.

Another 34 units of permanent supportive housing on Rose.

Allowing indiscriminate RV camping across large parts of Venice with no enforcement of the 72-hour parking rule.

24/7 bathroom access on the boardwalk, encouraging further encampment growth.

A storage facility in a neighborhood park surrounded by homes & schools.

...and other plans for more storage facilities, more car camping, 24/7 portable bathrooms, and other services throughout Venice.

ALL THIS, when essentially NONE of the rest of Council District 11 has had ANY proposals for ANY homeless services, accommodation of campers, or housing of any kind on Mike Bonin's watch! *

Venice has already welcomed a large services infrastructure near Rose and near Lincoln, including the enormous St. Joseph Center on Hampton, multiple health clinics, day use facilities, and a vocational training center, plus a variety of section 8 and affordable housing. 

Why aren't other neighborhoods in Council District 11 being asked to do their part? Why aren't there more proposals to help share some of the burden in the Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Mar Vista, West LA, Playa Vista, Westchester, Playa del Rey, or any other community in Mike Bonin's district? Why are Malibu, Beverly Hills,  and Culver City, who are not even part of the City of Los Angeles, allowed to house their homeless in Venice projects?

PUT A STOP TO THIS NOW! Speak up and demand that NONE of these projects go forward until similar wide-ranging plans are proposed and approved for each and every community in the rest of District 11.

(* West LA currently has 37 units proposed for homeless families, the only proposal in all of District 11 outside of Venice, a tiny fraction of the 268 permanent supportive and low-income units plus 154 shelter beds planned in Venice.)