Open civil partnerships to all

We’re Rebecca and Charles, we have a baby and we want to cement and celebrate our relationship by having a civil partnership. But we can’t because the Civil Partnership Act 2004 states: ‘Two people are not eligible to register as civil partners of each other if … they are not of the same sex.’

We met in 2010, became engaged in 2013, and together we were involved in the fight for same-sex marriage within our community. It is fantastic social progress that couples can now marry regardless of sex or sexual orientation.

We’ve been left, however, with a hangover from this important reform: Marriage is available to both same-sex and different-sex couples, but civil partnerships are currently only available to same-sex couples. This limits the choice for different-sex couples, like us, who want to form a civil partnership - an institution that would provide the same legal protections as marriage.

The current system doesn’t make sense and needs to be brought into line with places such as Holland and New Zealand where couples can choose between marriage and civil partnership.

Opening civil partnerships to all would bring the law up to date with the reality of family life: 3 million cohabiting couples with 1.8 million dependent children, all of whom currently lack the protection of marriage and choice of civil partnership.

From a personal perspective, the legacy of marriage – that it treated women as property for centuries, excluded same-sex couples until 2014, and still leaves room only for fathers’ names on marriage certificates – means that marriage is not an option for us. We want to raise our child as equal partners and feel that a civil partnership – a modern, symmetrical institution – sets the best example for her.

Sadly, for reasons that remain unclear, the government has taken a different view. But with your support, we've mounted a legal challenge of that decision. Our judicial review was heard in the High Court in January 2016. Sadly the judge ruled against us, but she said that “this case raises issues of wider public importance” that deserve scrutiny by a higher court. She also acknowledged that many would regard the continued ban on opposite-sex couples’ access to civil partnerships as unfair.

So we're continuing to campaign for equal civil partnerships: Our case was heard in the Court of Appeal on 2nd and 3rd November 2016. Now we await judgement. We'll keep you updated with progress in our legal case.

In the meantime, we need your help.

1.     Please sign and share this petition, telling the Minister for Women and Equalities that you support opening up civil partnerships to all.

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Thank you for your support!

Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld

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