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STOP water bottlers from taking 24 million litres per day, of pure aquifer water.

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Cloud Ocean Water is a water-bottling business preparing to operate within the former Kaputone Wool Scour located in Belfast, Christchurch.

Using a 20-year-old permit originally granted to the land's former owner, Kaputone, the Chinese-owned enterprise could remove up to 4.32 million litres per day, or 1.5 billion litres per annum, for bottling.

Under the historic permit, it is able to obtain these massive quantities of water, for next to no cost.

Rapaki Natural Resources has also obtained water permits, on an adjacent site - also for bottling purposes.

In total, these companies are set to uptake 24 million litres of pure water, per day - every day.

Aquifer water is a precious resource. 

Bottliing aquifer water is also a gross waste of such a vital resource - water is already limited within the Canterbury area. 

As a nation, we need to care for, and conserve our water supplies as much as we can, not give it away. And with our oceans becoming more choked in plastic, aquifers are one of our remaining, reliable water sources.

This petition is to urge ECan, to revoke these historic permits from the current land-occupiers. 

Upholding these permits would not be acting in the best interest of the land, assets, or our people.

An historic permit, such as the one transferred to Cloud Ocean Water  (the equivalent use to that of 10,000-12,000 people per day), should be non-transferable.

And permits for bottling purposes, especially in plastic, is a gross misuse of such a resource.

New permits should only be granted as a strict case-by-case basis, with peer reviews in place to protect these resources, and should be publicly notifiable - with room for open, public debate.

Such permits should not be simply handed-down, with no questions asked. Especially when there is a “change of use”.

It is understood, Cloud Ocean Water was preparing the Belfast site for the removal, and bottling of Canterbury water, on December 10.




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