Rescue These Abused Cat Cubs in Mexico (& make Carnival Cruise Lines stop supporting it!)

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A couple years ago I went on a Carnival Cruise line to Ensenada, Mexico, and they recommended to us that we visit a restaurant called Habana Banana. Because I was naive and had no knowledge of the cruelty behind it, I went to this restaurant. I’m ashamed to say I thought the place was awesome because they had tiger and lion cubs (ect.) that you could pet and take pictures with. I asked them what happened to them when they grew up and they claimed they go to a sanctuary but that is clearly a lie. Looking back I know these cubs were heavily drugged and abused. They were kept in extremely small enclosures and forced to interact with people of all ages. They were scared out of their minds, one even scratched me trying to get away. They were so drugged though that they couldn’t do much. I deeply regret supporting that horrid place and I want to do anything I can to get the animals to safety and prevent more animals from being exploited and abused by them. These animals should be sent to an ACTUAL sanctuary, and they should no longer be allowed to have live animals in their restaurant. At the very least, Carnival Cruise Lines should no longer support this restaurant and warn people to avoid it. If there’s anything else I can do, please comment. 

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