Enough is enough! I too am Carola Rackete, and I hereby make myself criminally liable.

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I will not continue to watch people drown in the Mediterranean. People who risk their lives to find a safe haven in Europe, a Europe that presents itself to the world as the cradle of Human Rights. 

I will not tolerate any more heads of government looking the other way when people at Europe's border are in distress at sea. Heads that keep pointing the blame at others instead of helping the distressed themselves. Heads that consciously let people drown at sea, and even go so far as to criminalise those who rescue them and bring them ashore.

Everyone has a right to life. It is imperative we do what we can to save people from death and torture.

What became of Carola Rackete, her crew and the 53 people who were rescued from distress at sea must not be allowed to happen again. They had to travel back and forth off the coast of Lampedusa for 15 days. It was only when Carola entered the territorial territories that the European Heads of State and Foreign Ministries began to look for a solution. They abandoned the people on board in full awareness.

I would have acted in the same way as Carola. I want a Europe in which everyone can act like Carola Rackete, in future. 

By signing this petition, I call on all captains* to proceed immediately to bring the people rescued from distress to safe harbours. I call for this, even if the governments of Europe have not yet found a political solution to the legal reception of these people.

I am prepared to make myself liable to prosecution with this appeal. Because neither the action of Carola Rackete, who brought 53 people to safety, nor this appeal, nor any other sea rescue, can remain a crime in the future. 

The signing of this petition should not merely be a contribution to discourse. To make this clear, I hereby explicitly call on the captains of the ships OpenArms and Alan Kurdi to immediately take all the people they rescue between 30.06.2019 and 31.12.2019 to the nearest safe harbour. Even if there is no permission.

I will consider reporting myself to the local police myself for this call. Because the more such reports are made, the more urgent it will become to find a political solution.

I am signing because I know we are many. We will not continue to watch people flee our borders and die.

We all are Carola Rackete.