English Declaration of Independence

English Declaration of Independence

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By signing This you are declaring your independence from the UK. 

On 23rd June 2016, 17.4million people voted to leave the EU and we are still in it. We voted to leave with NO DEAL because there was literally No deals proposed. We knew what we voted for, NO free movement, NO £39 billion wasted each year, NO EU Bureaucrats making laws for us. Now MPs are trying to stop brexit a Democratic vote. 

England is abused in the UK.  A union that has different rules for its members, is not a democratic union but a tyranny. England is the only country in the UK with no direct Parliament or assembly for English Mp's only,  meaning foreign Mp's get to vote on English issues!!!

England being independent and putting our tax/revenue back into England, will create a better, safer more prosperous future for you, our children and their children. England is the only country in GB that HAS to pay for tuition fees and prescription fees where the other nations in GB get theirs for FREE. We get the least spent per head than ALL the other nations in this union that is not a union, yet put the most money per head in!!! 

Public sector jobs are also unfairly distributed across this union that is not a union, 1 in 5 public sector jobs are in Scotland!!! There are only 1 in 12 people in the UK who are Scottish. Independence will create more jobs instantly for England. Scotland has had an IndyRef then so should England

The EU referendum proved the UK is split. England being the ONLY reason LEAVE won. Well done England. Well done. 3 and 1/2 years later and still have not left the EU. The UK like wasting your tax. 

We are different countries, different histories, different futures. It was England NOT Britain who colonized the 13 American states that declared Independence from Britain. Britain was only formed because Scotland wasted money trying to copy our Empire, called the DARIEN SCHEME (DISASTER) the UK was formed to bail out Scotland. Was mainly the English descended people living in America that fought and won independence against Britain, we can do the same here, against the same foe. Scotland has had a referendum on Independence, it is only fair we get the same opportunity in this union that is not a union, where England gets the worse deal.

The English vote is being abused, we need independence to have Liberty. Independence is England's only Salvation.

2 Million more people just in England voted to LEAVE the EU than Remain yet 3 years later UK keep stalling our exit. This proves the English people have more faith in their country than ALL the others in this Union that is not a Union. Scotland voted REMAIN in the EU. N.I voted REMAIN. Wales was a CLOSE LEAVE (80,000 votes difference), England a RESOUNDING LEAVE, shows we are alone in this union that is CLEARLY NOT a union. 

The photo is from a DAILY MAIL poll. 

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