Save our Dugdale

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The Enfield community are shocked to hear about the first floor of The Dugdale been taken over as council office space which will effect appears many community groups who use the space.

Years has been poured into creating The Dugdale as a community and cultural hub for our borough. Please sign the petition if you are against this happening. 

"The Council have plunged a dagger deep into the heart of culture in Enfield. As from September the first floor of the Dugdale Centre is to be converted to offices so all the community groups that meet there are without a base. As well as Enfield Poets groups such as the Young Talent Academy with 150 youngsters suddenly without a rehearsal space. The council lack understanding of how a community without the soul art and culture brings - they teach us to feel - is just an administered collection of buildings. Art is not elitist as has been claimed it brings us life. The Dugdale is more than the individual groups, its synergy has created a cutural center of great value to Enfield"