End Gender Inequality in Clinical Pharmacy

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Members of the Board and Organizational Leadership,

We, the undersigned, are writing to alert pharmacy organizations about the ongoing, troubling sexism in our profession. In recent months, it has become increasingly apparent that awards, presentations, and provisions of leadership have been used to intimidate women in our profession unbeknownst to many. At present, over 45 self-identified victims of this behavior have come forward. This behavior is persistent and has begun to have a significant impact on our trainees, creating a legacy of silent trepidation. 

We wish to work within these organizations to develop systematic processes to monitor and/or gain a better understanding of the implications when these individuals are awarded recognition and elevated professional status by national organizations. There is a need to generate mechanisms to alert selection committees or other leadership bodies about individuals who use professional status to undermine, intimidate, and sexually harass our female students, trainees, and peers. We are further asking for supportive partnerships and actions that can become integrated into organizational processes in order to help those who have experienced bullying or harassment to feel supported by our organizations.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this delicate matter.