E.Rahmon the 10 year old Fatima and all the #political_hostages have to be set free!

Эта петиция выиграла с 4 209 подписантами!

The story of the release of 4-year-old Ibrohim Hamza Tillozoda from Tajikistan thanks to the great public support around the world and the collection of 140,000 signatures has awakened the hope in the hearts of hundreds and thousands of Tajik citizens whose children and relatives remain in Tajikistan hostage to political persecution by the authorities. https://www.change.org/p/allow-4-year-old-ibrohim-to-leave-tajikistan-for-treatment
Many people believed that the story of the seriously-ill 4-year-old Ibrohim Hamza, whom the authorities did not release from the country until he developed the last stage of cancer, would be a lesson for the Tajik government and law enforcement agencies. https://www.change.org/p/leiter-von-tadschikistan-emomali-rahmon-lassen-sie-den-4-j%C3%A4hrigen-krebspatienten-ibrohim-tadschikistan-zur-behandlung-verlassen
It was hoped that the Tajik authorities would no longer hold hostage the relatives and close ones of critics of the authorities.
But, unfortunately, Hamza's story did not become a lesson for them. The international campaign against Hamzah was no more than a halt as the Tajik authorities once again rudely violated constitutional civil rights and disallowed the flight of a young daughter and mother of Tajik human rights activist Shabnam Khudoydodova abroad this time.
The Tajik security services in the morning of August 4th , 2018 removed the 10-year-old Fotima Davlatova and the 65-year-old mother Gulichamalamo Khudoydodova, the daughter and mother of Shabnam Khudoydodova, from the cabin of Dushanbe-Almaty flight. Gulichamalamo Hudoydodova intended to take her granddaughter to Poland, where Shabnam Khudoydodova emigrated in 2016 and where she received a political asylum.
Representatives of the security services told the elderly mother of the human rights activist that the names of the 65-year-old pensioner and her 10-year-old granddaughter are included in the list, attention, of the wanted criminals! - Therefore, they have no right to leave Tajikistan. Also, the national security officer said that the girl's mother, human rights activist Shabnam Khudoydodova, is accused of having signed our petition to support the boy Ibrokhim Hamza.
The National Security Officer also told the mother of the human rights activist that there are some inaccuracies in her documents and the granddaughter's. If this were the case, how could they pass the border control? Border guards would not allow them to pass and take seats in the cabin of the aircraft.
In connection with the recent story of the 4-year-old Ibrokhim Hamza, Tajik border guards also reported that they do not have any legal grounds, restrictions and travel bans for the boy. Withdrawal from the plane to the daughter and mother of Shabnam Khudoydodova once again clearly showed that the decision to ban is not based on the very legal grounds that the border guards reported.
The unlawful actions of the National Security Service officials once again prove that the reason for the ban on the departure of the daughter and mother of Shabnam Khudoydodova from the country is only their relationship with her as a political opponent of the authorities and human rights activist.
So, like in the story of Ibrokhim Hamza, the nearest relatives of the human rights activist, mother and daughter, were forced to give their documents away and only a few months ago returned. However, the ban on their departure and reunification, as it turned out, remains in force. https://www.change.org/p/pr%C3%A9sident-du-tadjikistan-ibrahim
This is an exact repetition of the authorities' actions in a similar situation with the seriously ill Hamza, the grandson of Mukhidin Kabiri, the chairman of the IRPT. Taking political opponents' relatives and friends by the authorities in order to use them as an instrument of pressure on the oppositionists is an illigal act and an inhuman, uncivilized act.
After the removal from the plane, after the border control, the 10-year-old girl, a the 65-year-old woman suffering from hypertension, and her 18-year-old grandson for 8 hours were kept in a locked room, by Tajikistan's national security officers, they were shut outside in one of the rooms at the airport without water, toilet and windows at a temperature +45 in the street. In Tajikistan, this type of "innocent" torture differs little from locking them in the gas vat.
After this unconscionable imprisonment, the relatives of the human rights defender who fled to Poland in 2016 are recommended to return home hundreds of kilometers away to the south of Tajikistan and there in the police department to find out "what is wrong with their documents."
Such action by the Tajik national security personnel, according to the current legislation of the country, grossly violates the laws of Tajikistan. According to the legislation of Tajikistan, persons subject to restrictions on the right to leave the country can be:
- employees of state security agencies and law enforcement agencies;
- Citizens who are admitted to information that constitutes a state secret;
- citizens who serve in the Armed Forces of the country;
- convicts;
criminal suspects
- Debtors.
It is quite obvious that the 10-year-old Fotima and the 65-year old mother of Shabnam Khudoydodova do not belong to either of these categories.
We demand that the Tajik authorities to stop using the opposition's relatives and friends as political hostages, as an object of psychological torture, denied the right to treatment, freedom, education, movement, family reunification.

These thousands of political hostages are used by the Tajik authorities as an instrument of pressure on dissidents and persecution for the exercise of the constitutional rights of citizens. Some of them, like Ibrohim Hamza, also need treatment. We demand that the authorities completely abandon this shameful and criminal practices of taking women and children hostage to their politics and placing collective responsibility on them, shifting the persecution of government critics to their children and close ones who are not connected with politics. A pensioner and the 10-year-old girl cannot be declared criminals just because the their daughter and mother protects the rights of those persecuted by the authorities.


Civil Committee for the Rescue of Political Hostages and Prisoners of Tajikistan

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