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Allow Girls to wear Tank Tops to Gym Class!

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It's tough sometimes being a teenage girl in a town that's can only be described as competitive, judgemental, and mind-boggling. Whether it be sports, wealth, clothes etc., girls around the town of Lexington Massachusetts are always quietly competing with one another about almost every single little thing. But when it comes to being treated differently than the opposite sex, that's something none of us girls can stand apart on. We are one united force, that will not stand for the discrimination of our gender. Now, onto the real point. It is made known in the two middle schools, Jonas Clarke and William Diamond, and the two high schools, Minuteman and Lexington High, that girls are forbidden from wearing tank tops to gym class, ever. Why? They say it's "inappropriate" and "distracting." What is distracting about tank tops? The perverted boys who are staring? The dirty boys who sexualize all females? Why should we be blamed for what the guys might be thinking or doing? Girls don't wear tank tops to be "sexy," it's because they're fashionable and really nice to wear when it's summertime. We shouldn't have to be subjected to having limited rights with what we wear. There might not be any uniforms, but in gym, it feels like there is. Please sign this petition so we can make our girls feel heard and proud!

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