Stop engaging in activities related to the abuse of Elephants in Tourism Industry

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The amount of Elephants deaths has increased to 500 deaths per year. There are many reasons. Firstly, habitat degradation by humanity which making elephants having to invade the human area and getting killed by humans. Secondly, many people seek for the benefit of ivory without care of the elephants. Finally, elephants are being used as an entertainment in the Tourism industry, however most of the people are just enjoying without recognising how the elephants are tortured and treated brutally for monetary purposes. We can aware that the plethora of Elephants in Thailand have been being abused for Tourism Industry that many people engage in activities related to Elephants such as riding Elephants or watching Elephants shows.Besides, WFFT is one of organisations which protect animals, face this problem and try to help these Elephants on a daily basis. WFFT also attract a lot of volunteers who want to support and experience to help.