Electrify Toronto's Union Pearson Express rail line - NOW!

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Electrify Toronto's Union Pearson Express rail line - NOW!

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Roncesvalles Macdonell Residents Association started this petition to Cheri DiNovo, MPP (Parkdale--High Park) (Legislative Assembly of Ontario) and


The Union Pearson Express rail line, being built for the 2015 Pan Am Games, currently plans to run diesel trains travelling through many central and west end Toronto neighbourhoods, making only two stops between Union Station and Pearson airport.

Why do we prefer to see electric trains to diesel?

1. Diesel exhaust is carcinogenic, prompting the UPE diesel train to be dubbed the "cancer train".

2. Diesel exhaust contributes to greenhouse gases, accelerating climate change.

3. Diesel trains are slower to stop and start than electric, so must have fewer transit stops. A diesel train will not ease traffic congestion in Toronto nearly as much as an electric train with a greater number of stops would.  

4. Diesel trains are heavier than electric, create more vibration and require heavier infrastructure and anti-vibration measures.

5. Diesel trains are noisier, so will require noise mitigation barriers in many locations. These 5 metre high noise barriers will be expensive, ugly, graffitti covered ditches through our neighbourhoods. They will be largely redundant when the rail line becomes electric, but will likely prove too expensive to remove, once installed.


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This petition had 790 supporters

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