Gameplay Improvements for Skater XL

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SkaterXL is a skateboarding simulation, and yet it does not provide a true simulation of actual skateboarding. Skateboarding is individualistic, rooted in creativity, and a totally unique experience depending on who is on the board/behind the controller. This game as a whole would appeal to a much broader demographic (including real world skateboarders) if everyone had the option to control their "stats" like we do via mods on PC.

A majority of the improvements on PC are simple code edits that would be trivial to add on console (including SoundMod, which, for the most part, is simply replacing a bunch of audio files), and would greatly improve the overall gameplay experience for EVERYONE, both on PC and console. Easy Day Studios, please consider adding these improvements to the base game, as they will do nothing but increase the playability, longevity, and overall enjoyment of the wonderful game that you have created. The community as a WHOLE is begging you to give us what have been staples of the PC experience to everyone, so that we can all enjoy this game to its fullest potential. PLEASE. 


Main wishes:

  • Customizable "stats" (pop height, gravity, push force, etc).
  • SoundMod.
  • Deck customization (width, truck size, wheel size, etc).
  • Post processing options, such as XLGraphics/Babbo Settings (which literally utilize the built-in post-processing effects within the Unity Engine) would be fantastic as well. 

We as a community believe these improvements are integral to the success of this game, and that the lack of such options is doing nothing but pushing potential (as well as current) players away. Please consider these improvements, as, again, they will do nothing but increase public perception of the game while also providing a better gameplay experience for literally everyone involved. Skater XL was described by the developers as an "instrument," but an instrument cannot be taken to its fullest potential without being TUNED properly. SkaterXL is essentially a guitar with no headstock. Easy Day, PLEASE LET US TUNE THIS SO CALLED "INSTRUMENT" THAT YOU HAVE PROVIDED. Let us express the creativity and freedom that this game is hiding beneath its default "tuning." Thank you.

- Jesse Lack, aka Jbooogie & the SkaterXL Community.