Dont stoping the Need for Speed Heat Support!

Dont stoping the Need for Speed Heat Support!

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Dear EA, Ghost Games and Criterion Games development team!

We in the "Need for Speed - Community" don't like the fact that support for "Need for Speed: Heat" has been discontinued with the last update. All NFS: Heat fans and players noticed that the map was enlarged and hoped that something would come. We think that there are also players who cannot afford to buy a PS5 and then play the new Need for Speed Game. Therefore we ask that you please continue the support. Maybe it is also possible that with a small team the support for "NFS-Heat" can continue? Here are our ideas that can be built into the new area and into the map. We think all of our suggestions would be easy to implement.

Another idea would be this, since Need for Speed celebrates the 25th anniversary. Would be a great thing for the NFS community if you restart the Need for Speed Heat support with the start of the new NFS part and incorporate the ideas below into game! 

  • New cars by winning race events! 
  • More race events  (showdown, drift offroad)
    (Day & Night)
  • Speedwall Race Events
  • Cross-platform: * Join crew * Car designs