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Fix the BF4 netcode!

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We the buyers of BF4,

We want you to work on the netcode again.

We love battlefield.

We know it is a challenging task programming network-related algorithms for a complex multiplayer title like bf4.

We know there is no perfect way.

We know you have to do compromises.

But the compromises u did are not reasonable.

In addition when you were asked about the upcoming changes to bf4 netcode in interviews (E3,gamescom and yt´s interviews)
you said, it would improve and become stiffer, faster with more snap.

Simply that didn´t become true,because it is even worse.

Now,after the release period,everybody is experiencing many many awkward moments in a round,whether it is no hit-
registration,getting killed instantly,dying behind cover or many other frustrating examples.The whole time related actions are so unbalanced, that most of the time it is no fun to play it.

The consequence, the whole multiplayer game mechanic feels unfair.The randomness is the competitive edge.

We won´t care about new facets especially dlcs,if the main aspect remains worst.

Please recognize the problem and tell us,how you will face it.

And for all those, who claim, we don´t know,what we are talking about with usage of the word netcode or don´t know
anything about programming,scripting and all the technical details.

We don´t have to know what netcode is,as long as we use it as a generic term to describe our feedback.

As we don´t have to be the confectioner to tell someone how the cake is.

Finally Dice its your chance to show us the community of battlefield,what we hope you really are,

a responsible,community focused Game developer that is after giving us the product,we payed for.?

GL and hopes for a real GG

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