Stop Murdering and Serving LIVING Octopus In Restaurants

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As a fourth year biology major at the University of California, San Diego, most of my advanced educational career has been studying life of the world we live in--anywhere from ecosystems to human development. By no means would I consider myself an expert, but I find myself disappointed in the absence of action and education regarding this issue. 

Octopus are considered one of the most primitive underwater species, consisting of nine brains and three hearts. Not only are they extremely intelligent, but they can also feel emotions that many other animals can not. 

For example, have you ever heard of the story about Inky the octopus? He was an octopus in a New Zealand aquarium that escaped out of his tank and into a drainpipe, finding his way back into the sea. Octopus are incredibly sophisticated and intelligent animals that can find ways to escape from jars, open containers (even child-proof ones), transport different kinds of shells and objects to make shelter, etc. Their cognitive function and biology is so unfamiliar that there are STILL things we are unclear and unsure of. Therefore, if we do not fully understand their cognition, how can we decide that it is ethical and harmless to murder and serve them as food? 

Furthermore, octopus are known to have basic emotions such as feeling happy, angry, sad, and scared; but they can also feel complex emotions such as jealousy, stress, boredom, guilt, depression, and shame. Considering they can feel many similar emotions as us, how would you feel if you were captured from your home and observed others being killed and cooked, knowing you were next? 

Many might counter argue that octopus aren't endangered, and that it is okay to hunt them even if they're smart and feel emotion because there are so many--well, there are also many humans in the world, yet cannibalism is unethical and frowned upon... acknowledge the hypocrisy when society is so consumed by gluttony. Recent exploitation of our oceans has been caused by over fishing, leaving a low amount of wildlife in our oceans. This greatly effects the oceans habitats and will eventually cause the ocean to completely die if we continue.

These brief KNOWN facts about octopus is the reason why hunting, killing and serving them as food should be banned from the United States. This petition will be sent to California's congressman in hopes that he will take initiative to propose this change. 

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