Reduce Duke Tuition

Reduce Duke Tuition

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Reduce tuition & housing at Duke University.

It is unacceptable that we are paying more for online classes than we did last year for in-person classes. Tuition and housing costs at Duke have already been considered one of the highest in the nation and excessive by the student body. This February, they increased the cost by 3.9% for tuition and 3.7% overall including housing (~$3000) resulting in $76,270 of total costs! On top of this, we are also paying hidden fees such as student activity fees and gym memberships that we will not be using.

Our peer universities have already done the same: Georgetown recently caved to student pressure on July 21st and gave 10% off as well joining Princeton (10%) and Williams College (15%). Even Harvard is offering two free summer classes. Yet, our administration is refusing to offer any assistance at all despite their $8.6 billion endowment (in 2019). Given that the administration has not released housing or classes yet, the least they can do is offer reprieve to families that are experiencing financial hardship during this difficult time.

Please spread the word about this and call the administration! Georgetown has shown us that student activism gets results, so please share to friends and family! (