There are many fans that love the first movie and are now saddened that there might not be a second movie. There is so much mythology that has not been explored yet. The movie is full of magic and hope. You feel like a kid again when you watch it. We all know that it didn't do the greatest at the box office, but that shouldn't stop there being another movie. I believe that Rise of the Guardians could be a trilogy, and I think the fans would agree too. We believe in you DreamWorks and we need you to believe in Rise of the Guardains again; bring the magic back again.

P.S If anyone knows someone from DreamWorks please show them this. Show them that fans really want this and care.

Letter to
Author William Joyce
COO of DreamWorks Animation Ann Daly
President/CFO of DreamWorks Animation Lewis Coleman
and 1 other
Head of PR at DreamWorks Animation Allison Rawlings (Head of PR at DreamWorks Animation)
Make Rise of the Guardians 2