There are many fans that love the first movie and are now saddened that there might not be a sequel. There is so much mythology that has not been explored yet. The movie is so full of magic and hope, you can feel like a kid again when you watch it. We all know that it didn't do the greatest at the box office, but that shouldn't stop another movie. I believe that Rise of the Guardians could be a trilogy, and I think the fans think so too. We believe in you DreamWorks and we need you to believe in Rise of the Guardains again; bring the magic back again.

P.S If anyone knows someone from DreamWorks please show them this. Show them that fans really want this and care.

Letter to
President/CFO of DreamWorks Animation Lewis Coleman (President/CFO of DreamWorks Animation)
Author William Joyce
COO of DreamWorks Animation Ann Daly
and 1 other
Head of PR at DreamWorks Animation Allison Rawlings (Head of PR at DreamWorks Animation)
Make Rise of the Guardians 2

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