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Participants of past festivals described bestial scenes they described as "doomsday for dogs" and:

"The traditional dog meat festival in Zhejiang Province, China, in which butchered and tasted dogs for 600 years, evolving into "a day of Judgment for dogs."  





"Dogs, whose eyes had been scratched out, were kept in cages, the muzzles wrapped with iron wire, where they waited for customers who picked them up and slaughtered hundreds of other dogs.
"People really enjoyed it at the festival, the dogs to kill in different ways," Wang wrote Lingyi, a voluntary animal rights activists from Hangzhou. "I've seen dogs stabbed, strangled and even beaten into a coma and were thrown into the boiling water. Some dogs monitored in the extremely hot water, and they defended themselves, but the sellers shoved her back and tugged them their fur out.
"On those days, the streets were soaked with blood, while the air was filled with the desperate howling of the dogs," said a online participants, the Commission published photos of a festival.

The three-day festival where every year five to ten thousand dogs are slaughtered in the streets, and served the villagers on dining tables was scheduled for 18 October in the village Hutou Jinhua City.
"On Weibo.com was a call to the villagers to put an end to the butcher Festival, forwarded 55,000 times in a day.
"The local government called it a simple, traditional festival ', but we know that they therefore attract only vendor in the city to boost their economy," Shen Sheng wrote of the Jiangsu Province in an open letter to other Internet users.
"Although the law still does not bring it about, to protect the animals, we will not allow it, that it comes under our eyes for performing such a massacre."
City officials stated Jinhua opposite the Shanghai Daily that the festival was called off because of the online protests. They acknowledged that such a festival is no longer necessary, after it had continued since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).  


THANKS to all the animal rights activists that
have made ​​available their photographs for this so important Petition for China´s Dogs. Mag. Artium Dr. Annamaria Grabowski