The penny campaign. The push forward for the herpes vaccine.

The penny campaign. The push forward for the herpes vaccine.

December 22, 2018
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Director - Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) Dr. Peter Marks M​.​D. PhD
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rich Mancuso

Ask the FDA to fast track the vaccine’s for herpes. Did you know there is one to prevent herpes simplex? Or one that is an immunotherapy?

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”― Benjamin Franklin

Many people who suffer from herpes are tired of getting outbreaks. They are tired of being sad, and some even experience suicidal thoughts, all because of their diagnosis. Many are tired of taking antivirals, scared of HIV, and worry about the risk of acquiring Alzheimer's when they get older. Honestly, I don’t blame anyone who feels this way. However, if we never speak up, then how will anyone realize that so many suffer? Remember the phrase “if you see something, you should say something?” How can we expect help by remaining silent? Or expect any real change?"

Hello, my name is Rich Mancuso and I was a participant in an experimental vaccine for herpes called Theravax, (now called RVX101 and RVX201) created by Dr. William Halford. Regardless of the past media hype, it doesn't change the fact that this experimental (and therapeutic), vaccine showed amazing promise and much more than the last 30 plus years of attempts of creating a viable and sustainable vaccine for herpes. I know, because myself and a few other people have received it and it worked amazingly. Unfortunately, many are begging for this therapeutic treatment, but it is not available to them and they continue to suffer in the worst possible ways.

Since October of 2016, I have been volunteering my time [1] speaking about the Theravax (RVX101 RVX201) vaccine. Why? I think it is imperative that people are aware that hope is still alive for them and that I wish for many others to benefit the same way that myself and a few others have. It seems only fair since I know what it was like to suffer for over 25 years of herpes outbreaks but now I am doing amazing.

I have found that over the past two years, the attempts of gaining any support for herpes is quite the difficult task. This is due to the stigma on herpes and the simple fact that no one wants others to know they have it. It's true, but the simple fact that herpes virus ( 9 different types) is millions of years old and infects over 90% of human beings, it seems so odd that we just beginning to talk about it. The truth is, over 5 billion people have been exposed to herpes simplex, HSV type 1 and HSV type 2, commonly known has herpes simplex-cold sores or genital herpes. Fun fact, 80% of people infected don't even know they have it. This is because their immune system is working just fine. The crazy part of herpes is that most of these people do not even know they have been exposed. This is due to the lack of testing and the fact that the CDC does not recommend testing on individuals who are not showing any symptoms, because it doesn't change the patients behavior. Still don't believe me? Click here.


So why am I making a big deal about herpes? Why create a petition? If most people have it and they are doing just fine, than who cares?

The millions of people who are suffering silently, care. The millions of people who suffer from neuralgic pain, care. The millions of people (world wide) who suffer from constant outbreaks, care. Also, there are many people who find that antivirals do not work for them and everything they try often fails. These are the people who care and wish for a better solution.

This petition is to let the FDA know that many of us care and we care about our friends and family that suffer. There are many great strides in medicine and medical advances, we hear about them in the news all the time. These are the experimental drugs that get fast tracked so that patients can gain quicker access instead of waiting 15 years to obtain it.

My suggestion to you is to sign this petition, to write letters or emails and simply ask for help. Send emails and letters to the FDA, the NIH, local Congressman and Senators, and ask for help. If you suffer and want help, tell them. Tell them your story and ask them to contact the FDA and that YOU want this vaccine tested by the FDA, and wish it to be fast tracked.The FDA and the NIH is not a evil monster that simply eats funding. These are very complicated agencies that happen to be filled with people, just like you and me. Just like every other company in the world. Good people who wish to help. Make your voice heard that you want help. That you want a more serious effort towards herpes research and a working viable vaccine.

Even if you don’t support my personal experience and the vaccine, I urge you to make your voice heard. It is just as important and more relevant now, more than ever. Don’t do it for it for yourself and others! Ask for a real sense of urgency. Ask for more funding. Ask to please fast track herpes research or even ask to fast track RVX101-RVX201. It’s all up to you!

Imagine is thousands of emails flooding the FDA and the NIH with simple requests. Imagine them taking herpes more seriously because they see the number of people suffering. Imagine them adding more funding towards herpes research. Imagine 2 minutes of your day sending an email and just asking. Nothing will ever happen by sitting silently and never asking the question.

If you decide to write your local Congressman or Senator, please mail them your letter, with a penny taped to the bottom asking "A penny for your thoughts" The reason for this, is that any money they receive, they must account for. This will also emphasize the concern for herpes research!!!

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 UPDATE: 10/31/2023


Info on Dr. Peter Marks M.D. PhD.
 Director - Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

Email: OCOD@FDA.HHS.GOV…/Enforc…/CompliancePrograms/default.htm

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[1] I do not work for Rational Vaccines or any other vaccine company.

Stay Strong everyone !!!

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Signatures: 38,393Next Goal: 50,000
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