*Urgently* free Ismail Khalaf

*Urgently* free Ismail Khalaf

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Ismail Khalaf from Abu Dis (aged 31) has been on hunger strike since 21st July. He is in Israeli prison held without trial ('administrative detention') since 12th January.  This is not the first time he has been in prison without a trial - and he is one of a number of administrative detainees currently on hunger strike.

This time, when Ismail reached the end of an initial 6-month term, they extended it and Ismail went on hunger strike, refusing all food and taking only salt water until 5th September when he started to refuse water as well.

His strike is both for his own freedom and a protest against administrative detention in general. Israel is currently holding at least 300 people in administrative detention and frequently holds them for a long time on repeated periods until they are there for years.

We are very worried about Ismail who has apparently lost 24 kilos since the end of July, is having difficulty walking and suffering difficulties with his stomach and his eyes.  

This petition is asking you to raise his case urgently with the Israeli authorities in order to save him; and to point out to them that for all the prisoners on administrative detention, this is a violation of their human rights. They should all be brought to a fair trial or released immediately.