Doxycycline Causes Suicide in Teens!

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My 13 year old son Damein was the happiest kid. He was handsome, 6'2",popular, athletic, good grades, loved God and church. He was not one to give up on anything. He recently acolyted at church while he was sick with the flu and 101 temperature and could have stayed home (I didn't find out he was sick until after we got home form church because he knew I would have kept him home). He went to basketball practice with pneumonia (He stayed at school all day not feeling well because he didnt want to miss practice. once he got there, the coach called to tell me he was sick. he said if he knew he couldnt practice, he would have came hime that morning.) He loved his friends and family. He read stories to his 5 year old brother at bedtime and was his 11 year old brother’s best friend. He sang to his baby sister and took naps with her. He was always laughing and happy. He was always trying to help people, either buying clothes and shoes for kids or helping at church. He christmas caroled around town and at the nursing home, by his own choice. He hugged and kissed me everyday.

Damein was not depressed. He had just played his first tournament out of state that weekend, with an elite traveling basketball team.  He didn't withdraw from activities, he loved to be with his friends and play sports and ride his bike and run. But on the morning of Feb 29, 2012, he showered, ate breakfast and watched TV with me before school, even told me that his friends mother would bring him home after confirmation class that evening. I told him we had to get going and he went upstairs to get his backpack. He was taking a little longer than usual, so as I headed to the door I yelled upstairs for him to "Come On". He responded, "Just give me a minute", and pulled the trigger of his shotgun and ended his beautiful life.

My son had been taking Doxycycline for acne for a year. While the pharmaceutical companies say there have been too few deaths to spark an investigation, I’ve connected with other families who have lost children to impulsive suicide and to young people who felt driven to suicide while taking the medication.

Suicidal thoughts and actions are not listed as a side effect on Doxycycline. I want to honor my son's life by making sure that no other lives are lost to this medication. Watson Pharmaceuticals and the FDA must investigate the link between this drug and impulsive suicide before any more lives are lost. They must include this as a side sffect and warn people. Please, sign Damein's petition if you agree. Also, if you or someone you know has suffered side effects, PLEASE report them to the FDA and Rxisk, the more reported the more our chance of getting this warning required!!!!!
If you or someone you know has had any of these side effects, please report to FDA and Rxisk website. FDA can  online, by phone or mail.It's very importatn that these reports are made.