Justice for James Scurlock, killed by Omaha racist during George Floyd protest

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Last night, there was a peaceful protest in Omaha, NE, against the police murder of George Floyd. A known racist bar owner, Jake Gardner began using racial slurs, and inciting the protesters. When he was pushed by a young protester, James Scurlock, he shot and killed Scurlock. There is a widely-spread video of Scurlock’s murder and many witnesses. 

Gardner was taken into police custody for HIS protection. His supporters set up a Go Fund Me (now taken down), that updated that he had been released, even as the Omaha Police Chief stated during a televised press conference on May 31st that Gardner was still held in custody. He never used Jake Gardner’s name. Omaha media is not reporting the details of this murder or the murderer’s name. 

Assistant U.S. Attorney Frederick Franklin, Governor Pete Ricketts: please do everything in your power to raise awareness and prosecute Jake Gardner to the fullest extent of the law. We demand justice for James Scurlock. The world is watching.