Force Surrey Mayor Dour McCallum To Allow Uber and Lyft In Surrey

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As a Surrey resident who has been taking transit for 13 years, I feel appalled that our own Mayor would say the following statement:
“What continues to be my chief concern is the unfair advantage that has been created without any regard as to how it will impact those who are employed in the taxi industry,” he said. “It is no secret that a large percentage of cab drivers live in Surrey and the modest wages they earn go to support their families. As residents and as my constituents, it is my duty to do what I can to ensure that these jobs are not lost due to an unfair advantage that has been arbitrarily put in place.”

Surrey is the one place every cab driver is skeptical of taking you if you're out for the night. They demand cash upfront ( normally 100$ ) and it can take a very long time. When you call for a cab that is going to surrey, chances are you are being passed over for other customers simply because of the distance and skepticism of the city.

If you have ever taken a taxi in Surrey, let alone anywhere else in the lower mainland, you know that it is not only difficult and frustrating to get a taxi, but also expensive to go from A-B. Surrey's bus route options do not cover a lot of places unless you live somewhere semi-populated, and not only that a lot of them do not run past 9pm or on weekends. Transit is far worse than sub-par, and it's upsetting to have a mayor who has more concern with keeping money in the taxi industry's pocket, than to ease it's citizens to have more access to the stores and places around it. We deserve to have fair transit options, and it's our right to have access to these systems. Every other major city in north america allows ride-share, and there is absolutely no reason for surrey not to.