Stop York Region Police Harassing Bob Lepp, killing his dog, in Aurora, Ontario

Stop York Region Police Harassing Bob Lepp, killing his dog, in Aurora, Ontario

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Robert Lepp started this petition to Doug Ford and

My dog Scheibe, a 7 year old female GSP was killed March 8 impaled end to end on a sharp tree branch in a forest by Mayor Geoffrey Dawe who had ordered police to bar us for life from using the only off leash dog park in Aurora, Ontario, Canada

Mayor Geoffrey Dawe THEN had me arrested 5 times 2017-2019 on 15 false charges for emails sent in helping convince HIM to build a new dog park for park volunteers in contract to clean up poop.

I sent 2 short, polite emails 6 months apart to Aurora Mayor DAWE (now Tom MRAKAS) about commercial lawbreakers operating since 2007 a cash business illegally DAILY in an Aurora dog park forbidden by Parks Bylaw 4752-05.P

Various commercial dog walkers/operators make about $80,000 annually each, $960,000 since 2007, selling commercial services in Aurora's dog park Canine Commons. Volunteers were contracted to keep such operations out.

The commercial operators have EXCELLENT political connections and they had all been promised a Town Parks commercial operating exemption for life in November of 2018 to use the only off leash dog park if they would just help Mayor Dawe get me arrested.

1st email, November 29, 2018 I complained by a short email of a commercial cube van blocking entry to the dog park gates, parked wrong way, under the "No Parking" sign. A commercial operator FIRST went to police that night DEMANDING my arrest, and claiming my advocacy emails from 16 months prior were meant ONLY to harass commercial dog walkers. The emails got us us all  $80,000 for a new park. Police PC Killman n GO# 343435 cleared every email I ever sent to the various operators.

2nd email, May 10, 2018 the same commercial dog walker watched and laughed as one of her MUDDY "clients' attacked Greg and I, messing up our clean pants. I sent an email that night to Bylaws Animal Control to enforce Parks Bylaws 4752-05.p... "No Commercial Businesses in the dog park."

May 14, 2018 the same commercial operator for a *SECOND* TIME asked police to arrest me for THE *SAME* EMAILS. A second cop, PC Hay, GO# 148926 again cleared me. Nothing criminal he again wrote in his notebook. 

May 28, 2018 a commercial operator went back for my arrest a 3rd time and successfully convinced Det. James Ward that the same emails were now "criminal". WARD then tampered with testimony words and trained a witness on video to lie to change testimony of May 14 to PC Hay. He said "claim fear" of me.

May 30, 2018 I was arrested on 2 false criminal charges for harassing one commercial operator, BY EMAILS, for embarrassing Council to spend the FIRST $80,000 EVER to replace the muddy, decrepit, dangerous dog park. 

August 23, 2018 WARD arrested me on 5 more false charges.

August 31, 2018 WARD arrested me for 5 breaches of recognizance. I was jailed Friday *OVER NIGHT* of the labour Day weekend. Bare steel bench, no blanket. no pillow, the lights were set on bright ALL NIGHT, I did not sleep at all

April 1, 2019 WARD will arrest me on a 13th false charge of publishing details of my criminal prosecution. The details were evidence of court corruption: a falsified jury date request form prosecutors lied on to bypass my preliminary hearing for the middle 5 charges.

Aurora and 2009 Mayor Phyllis Morris represent Canada's first ever Town convicted of laying a false $6,000,000 Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation in 2011-2012 against BLOGGERS Bill Hogg and Richard Johnson.

Your Regional Police "carded" me - They keyed "BLOGGER" in the REMARKS field on their computer records for me. So every cop NOW knows how to treat me, like HOGG and JOHNSON back in 2009.

Incoming Mayor Geoffrey Dawe had to apologize in 2013 for the old mayor. He promised Aurora would never again silence a taxpayer using a SLAPP suit.

He found "The Better Way". Criminal arrests to shut up BLOGGER Bob Lepp.

October 8, 2018 in my home, in front of my family, ✖︎-Mayor Geoffrey Dawe of Aurora confessed he was using police contacts in 2017, 2018 and now 2019 to falsely arrest me on 14 false criminal charges.

  • ME: You had me arrested 2017 and 2018! 
  • Dawe: Yes, you're right!"

February 25, 2019 my arresting officer Det. James WARD confessed to his part in the plan:

  • My paralegal (paraphrased slightly): "Why did you skip (offering Bob) a peace bond and instead go straight to 14 criminal charges against Bob Lepp?"
  • Det. James Ward #1158: "We wanted him to stop sending emails (to Aurora, forever?) and a Peace Bond only last 12 months."
  • Who exactly is "WE"??

November 3, 2018, one of the several commercial operators had police investigate me for KILLING A DOG under their care, by using car antifreeze to poison 3 dogs. One died. I was accused of a mid-day break and enter, poisoning 3 old yappy dogs getting them to drink antifreeze, clean up bowls, repair all damages, remove all marks, break 2 security cameras and lock up from the  OUTSIDE and drive off undetected by neighbours AND by the dog sitter hired for the day.

Please, sign the petition protesting 15 false charges in 5 arrests, one full night in jail, ONLY because the Mayor hates me for embarrassing him into spending the FIRST MONEY EVER on ANY dog park in Aurora.

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