Stop the Doug Ford Government from Slashing Education.

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Hello, I am a grade 10 student from Milton, Ontario. I am asking you today to take action against these radical changes proposed by the Ontario progressive conservative party. The ford government thinks its okay to slash education to fulfill promises they made during the election to cut taxes. We as students must stand united against these changes. These changes include raising class sizes, mandatory online courses, and teachers jobs.

First, the proposed plan to increase class sizes. As a student who had a class with 42 students in it, I can assure you it is not a fun time for the students, or the teachers. This class was hell, I would not wish it upon my worst enemy, the educational standard was lower (at no fault of our teacher) for the soul reason that there were way too many students. Questions students had of concepts were forced to go unanswered, as there was simply not enough time, and much more. After the class was split into two classes of about 20, the quality of the education increased drastically.  This is why increased class sizes would impact each students education.

The second change that will negatively impact students is mandatory online courses. All throughout school each student is taught it is okay to have a different learning style than others. With this proposed change the Ford government is saying that you as a student should not get a choice of how you learn. I for one learn well online, so these changes would not affect me as much, but many other students learn in many different ways. New research from the Centre for Independent Studies in Australia reaches some interesting conclusions. In a study of disadvantaged schools, researchers found that the key factors of success were experienced principals, a systematic and methodical approach to teaching, and strong, consistent classroom discipline.[1] Are you okay with the government denying students the choice of how they best learn? Me neither!

Finally, the Ford government claims they will not fire a single teacher, but how does the Ford government expect to keep every teacher after the two aforementioned changes? Raising class sizes means less classes to teach. Online courses again mean, less classes to teach. Some teachers I have spoken to worry they will be forced out of their jobs. Is the Ford government again making claims that they cant possibly follow through with ti make themselves look better?

The Ford government thinks that just because most of us can't vote yet, means we don't have a voice, that just because we are young, we will not stand up for our rights.

What can you do to help? Sign the petition and share it among your friends,and family. Also you can wear black and participate in the next student walk out. (On April 4th). even if these changes wont affect you, you can fight for the quality of our education today!

[1] Randall Denley, March 21 2019 - The National Posts