Reopening of personal services in Ontario

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Thanks to Premier Doug Ford, personal services have been forced closed due to the lockdown which started December 26, 2020. Is this fair when all other retail can operate by curbside? Stores and restaurants can staff businesses and still generate some income, fitness centres are generating income by switching to online lessons and coaching. Personal services are forced to draw government assistance (when we qualify) or hope we can make money by ways of selling shampoo or prints.

Personal services are deemed non essential (which may be the case) however we are not the contributing factor to Covid-19. Personal services in Ontario according to Canada Revenue Agency contribute to over 7400 establishments. According to personal services have only contributed 36 cases to the total number of covid cases in Ontario which was less then 0.02% of all cases as of December 31, 2020. We know that atleast 27 cases were linked to a nail salon in Kingston within the first 3 weeks of reopening. After that the remaining cases have been spread out over the course of 6 months between hair salons and nail salons. Tattoo shops have had 0 cases. Personal service settings follow guidelines and regular inspections from local health units, most have training in programs such as bloodborne pathogens and infectious disease, and using proper ppe as well as the proper application of ppe is nothing new to us. 

On January 7, 2021 during a news conference Ontarios top dr Dr. Williams was asked about NHL resuming in Ontario. His response in short said they were able to continue because they had an extensive plan, they were professionals, and they had livelihoods. My question is how are they any different than personal services. Both are not essential, difference is NHL contributes more money. We need to make the playing field fair for all.