Protect animals that have to live outside in an "animal house" 24/7

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I have no idea when anyone in government has decided to look at the laws protection the health and wellbeing of animals that are left outside to be on their own , for what reason they have to endure such harsh environments. 

When we adopt an animal or for that matter, buy an animal, we as caring humans do so with the intent to add them to our families we already have. They are there to be loved and to be protected as we protect all our family members.

For many months now, I've been trying to protect a dog next door who lives in a dog house 24/7! The local humane society has been out many times trying to help this dog, " Spark". Their hands are tied because the owner is making sure Spark has water and sometimes food. Howerever , Spark has no loving and he should not be subject to such living conditions, nor should any animal have to deal with this if they are domesticated animale. Why be a pet owner if you have no time for them????

I have asked my local MPP representative to help me in this fight and he is willing and and ready for the change, but laws need to be changed.

People go to your MPP in your areas, it's time to have a change for these animals who have no voices!