Fair Pay Increase for ALL Health Care workers

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Doug Ford announced on Saturday April 25 that "Ontario will provide a $4 per hour salary increase for front-line workers as part of a temporary pandemic payment to recognize their efforts in the fight against COVID-19".

This is a"pandemic pay premium, [and] will be paid on top of existing hourly wages and it is a financial acknowledgement of their dedication, long hours and the health risks they face. The top-up, in place as of Friday, will continue for 16 weeks."

Those eligible for pandemic pay are:

- staff at long-term care homes

- retirement homes

- emergency shelters

- supportive housing

- social services congregate care settings

- correctional institutions and youth justice facilities

- and those providing home and community care.

While this is an amazing step forward- WE CANNOT FORGET ABOUT THE REST OF THE HEALTH CARE WORKERS who are putting their lives and their families lives at risk!! This is such a small group of essential health care workers included in this announcement. Most importantly Doug Ford has forgotten about:

- Respiratory Therapists 

- Paramedics

These workers DESERVE the same benefits!! They are CRITICAL in our healthcare system and are working directly with patients with COVID-19. Paramedics are the first to contact these critically ill patients in the community and swiftly transport them to the hospital. Meanwhile, Respiratory Therapists receive these patients in the hospital and work at the head of the bed; an area of significant vulnerability.

Give them a fair pay increase too! Without them, we would be in a lot of trouble!