Bring Back Basic Income Program Don’t Cut Welfare!

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Stand against poverty that Doug Ford wants people to fall in! Doug Ford doesn’t care about people especially people living in low income conditions! Especially people with disabilities! Recently all news outlets have reported that Doug Ford has ended the basic pilot program in which he claimed before the election that he would not “touch”! Doug Ford has lied to all of us! He also plans to cut the new improvements to the welfare! There are thousands of people who are affected by these changes currently including myself! This is not about getting a job it’s about helping people! We must understand that there are circumstances that prevent some, from acquiring employment and that in order to truly intergrate people into the workforce we must be willing to assist them. The basic income program was a start! Already we heard about people who hadn’t the opportunity to attain a degree and after receiving the basic income received a degree and we’re capable of obtaining and building a meaningful career!

This is the start Doug Ford has begun with horrendous impressions... what’s next?

If you truly care about humans then you will want Doug Ford to bring back the Basic Income Program!