Justice For Malia’s Death

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On January 11, 2020. Our beloved Malia Soma-Valmoja, was the victim of a brutal and heartless shooting in Whitmore Village fields. According to the article in KHON2 news, dated December 20, 2019 lawmakers had numerous complaints from the community, but the ADC was looking for resources, all the while the State spent millions to assist in Mauna Kea, yet this issue has been going on for many many years. This is straight up negligence and irresponsible of the States behalf, the representatives was trying to urge the State into taking action. Malia got shot execution style, no matter what the reason was no human deserves to die in that manner. The land near Kamehameha Highway and Nui Avenue is owned by the state agency Agribusiness Development Corporation or ADC. This statement by Rep. Amy Perruso states, “I’ve heard reports of homeless encampments, but also illegal drug trafficking, even sex trafficking reports, so these are really serious allegations,” said Rep. Amy Perruso, who represents the district. ADC acknowledged that there is some criminal activity going on but said they did not want to send sheriffs there and clear it out because criminals would just come back, so it would be a waste of resources. State Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz, who also represents the area, disagrees. This Article is written by Manolo Morales. But nothing was done! Chains and huge boulders was not keeping the crime out. The outcome of their negligence is the death of Malia Soma-Valmoja, who is a living human being, a mother, daughter, sister, neice, cousin, friend, a living life so brutally taken. I ask each of you to please sign this petition so we can have justice for Malia and avenge her death so she will not have died in vain. Thank you for all the love and support in this critical movement we are making. #JusticeForMalia

Update! Call made from Malia’s Uncle Melchor Valmoja to the office of Senator Donovan Delacruz,
Just spoke to the offices of Senator Donovan Delacruz, and Representative Amy Perusso. There will be a bill introduced to the legislature that will provide law enforcement to farm/ agriculture lands. When we get the bill number, we can submit written testimony via-email. I will get the information out as soon as the bill is numbered. Family members and friends will also be able to submit oral testimony at the State Capital when the appointed date is given. Mahalo Ohana, Friends, Community, and area Lawmakers Senator Donovan Delacruz and Representative Amy Perusso. Mahalo for supporting our family and singing this petition, in doing so this bill will be introduced by Senator Donovan Dela Cruz and will be supported by Representative Amy Perusso. The bill will be introduced to the legislature within the next coming days. The bill will be aptly named during the period of the named bill's introduction and its vote on the Senate floor. Testimony in support of the bill may be submitted in written testimony. All those wishing to do in person oral testimony may do so at the appointed date, yet to be determined. Signing the petition will show support and the backing of the bill to become law. The petition will also be submitted along with written testimony. When this bill is enacted into law,  It will be the State that is responsible to provide a means of upholding the law, in other words providing Law enforcement on State Agriculture and Farm lands. Please understand this is not only for the parcel in Whitmore, Wahiawa. This bill WHEN enacted will encompass the ENTIRE State of Hawaii. From Kauai all the way to the Big Island! That's the magnitude and scope of this bill! So we humbly ask for your support and everyone that you know, and to please share, and share, sign, sign, sign and support this cause for a safer and better future for us and our keiki. #JusticeforMalia