Make Shrek the National Bird

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Shrek has been a foundation of America for many years. I feel as if Shrek represents our great nation more than a mere eagle. It would set an example for the rest of the international community to choose something that represents their countries as a whole, a change for the better. The people of America deserve more then a bird, they deserve the symbol of free-thinking prosperity. Shrek is the true epitome of the American dream. Shrek is not white, not asian, not black, Shrek represents true diversity by being green. For America to take up the mantle as a bastion of diversity and free thinking, Shrek MUST become the national bird. Some may say "But Shrek is not a bird" BUT, that represents the true meaning of progressive acceptance. Shrek may identify as a bird, and we must honour that. I plead to you, fellow Americans, make this country as great as the values it stands for.