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Grant Clemency to Terrance Stanton for Non-Violent Drug Conviction

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Five years ago my family's life changed when my Fiance' Terrance Gerard Stanton, was sentenced to a LIFE sentence in federal prison.. He is one of thousands of nonviolent drug offenders who were given mandatory minimum lengthy prison terms. He was convicted for his 26 week involvement in a drug conspiracy. Despite the accusations, he proceeded to trial and was found guilty on every count..... Prior to trial during the plea negotiating the government classified him as a career offender to increase his sentence based on his prior drug conviction.. This subjected him to a plea of 25 years but no less than 17. Stanton rejected the 17 year plea because he knew he wasn't a career offender and proceeded to trial and lost. At sentencing the government discovered that he did NOT qualify for the career offender or 851 enhancement and had to take off the inapplicable attachment.. His lawyer told the judge that it was a mistake on his behalf, that he didn't challenge the career offender and would like him to take that into consideration. The judge ignored him and said, "Lets proceed to sentencing" and gave him a life sentence despite him not being a career offender. Had they valued this information as they should, Stanton would have received a non-career offender plea of 97-121 months.

Since being incarcerated Terrance has made many positive changes and completed many accomplishments. For starters, he was able to obtain his GED, which was a major accomplishment.  He has facilitated a class for stop the violence, which goes into detail about decreasing violence within the community and creating a more positive environment. He has also completed various drug addiction classes which explain the usage of drugs and how detrimental it is to the body; also in turn learning that selling drugs is as addictive as using them. In 2016, Stanton, started his own corporation "TGS" which consists of social networking sites and entertainment. Currently, he keeps himself busy by continuing to better himself by taking various classes, such as Spanish and Piano lessons, just to name a few

Stanton now understands that the quick route isn't always the best route. His desire upon release is to assist the community with previous offenders and offer guidance to a better route. He also wishes to serve as a mentor, guiding young men to a better lifestyle by offering different programs, and scholarships. Terrance is the father to 5 young children, who love him and need him. Despite his absence, he still continues to be active in all of their lives, and always keeping the faith that he will make it home to them during their younger years. Terrance has learned so much during this time of being incarcerated, but it is unfair for him to be taken away from his children for life or 30 years, yet alone life, because of an error of his attorney. It serves no purpose or benefit to society to have him locked up for 30 years.  He is actively working to come home as soon as possible.  His family, and most importantly, his children would love to have him home.


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