Grant Clemency to Pedro Moreno Serving a Life Sentence

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Grant Clemency to Pedro Moreno Serving a Life Sentence For Marijuana

 My father, Pedro Moreno is a 58 year old father and grandfather. He has been incarcerated for 21 years. He is serving a life sentence without parole for a first time nonviolent drug offense. Four of his brothers received clemency on January 17, 2016. They were all convicted for the same charges and in the same indictment. The only chance my father has of getting out of prison is if President Trump grants him clemency.

On November 19, 1996 my life changed forever. My older brother was 10, I was 8, and my younger brother was only 2 years old. My brothers and I were deprived of being raised by our parents, or having a normal childhood, through no fault of our own. My mother served 13 years. Sadly she passed away a year later. My father was one of thousands of first time, nonviolent offenders who were given long mandatory prison terms. Through the initial stages of this conspiracy case my father’s lawyer advised him to consider a quick plea. Although he did not want to take it, he was convinced to plead guilty and was advised that he would not receive a sentence over 20 years. Never did he imagine that he would be held responsible for other things or hearsay by other people that were not true.

My father has accepted full responsibility for his actions. He has used this experience to prepare himself for his release by participating and completing many courses as well as continuing to educate himself with the Continuing Educational Courses offered by the Bureau of Prisons (long list). He has also maintained a significantly clear prison record and has excellent program reports. He has a degree in welding and has worked in UNICOR and as a unit orderly.

My father’s desire upon release is to reunite with his children and grandchildren. Pedro is a father of 3 children and has 5 grandchildren. He comes from a big family of hard working community leaders that will extend him an opportunity to work and live to give back to his community what is expected of him, a honest, hard working citizen of the community.

Please sign this petition and ask President Trump to have the same consideration and mercy as his four brothers and grant clemency to a good man, father, and grandfather who needs to be reunited with his family.

 To learn more about Pedro's story please visit CAN-DO Foundation