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Clean Up the Debris in the Oceans

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There are multiple "Trash Islands" in the oceans across the world. The gigantic issue with these are that they're extremely detrimental to the lives of marine animals. For example, these animals can be strangled by plastic that is sitting either below or above the water. This trash can also make its way off the island and to beaches on the coasts, making them nasty and contaminated. I picked this issue because I'm a huge fan of the beach and the oceans. I have an enormous love for marine animals; among my favorites are Sharks, Orcha Whales and Clown Fish. It kills me to see things like a Trash Island in either the Atlantic, Pacific or any of the Oceans emerge and kill animals that are just going about their business. This is an issue the needs to urgently be solved.

I believe that the solution for this could very well be a couple of things. First, we will need to get celebrities that are very popular and get them to endorse organizations like "4Ocean" that will gain money from purchases of recycled material. We can get all of these organizations to agree to combine their profits or at least agree on the same clean up methods and turn all of these materials into items that can be reused such as bags, containers, phone cases, bracelets, etc.; there are many options in that realm. This also doesn't just mean the ocean debris above the surface, there's also items that lie below the water surface as well that are even more dangerous to marine life than the debis above the surface. 

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