Add more pedestrian safety features on Arroyo Drive, Irvine California, 92617.

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Walking is the most basic and equitable mode of transportation for most college students. Currently there are approximately 10,000 University of California-Irvine students who commute to and from school or work on Arroyo Drive everyday. Arroyo Drive connects most of the university’s student housing which includes: Vista Del Campo, Camino Del Sol, Plaza Verde, Vista Del Campo Norte, Arroyo Vista and Puerta Del Sol housing communities.

Due to the street's layout, cars are able to pick up a great deal of speed between stop signs. This sometimes results in vehicles traveling up to 50 mph or more in a residential neighborhood! Needless to say, this is extremely dangerous. There have been at least 10 accidents along Arroyo Drive involving motor vehicles colliding with pedestrians and bicyclists in the last 2 years alone. The result has been 1 death in 2017 of a 21 year old female UCI student and several other cases resulting in severe injuries.

I am acutely aware of how dangerous Arroyo Drive is, because I too was hit on my bicycle while commuting to school from Arroyo Drive. I suffered severe road rash and deep bruising all over my body.

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Our Solution is to Install More:

Speed bumps
In-road warning light Systems
Stop signs 

These will create a physical barrier to force thoughtless, reckless drivers from speeding in a densely populated, residential college community.