Move White Supremacist MAGAs Who Won't Wear Masks to the Trash Island in the Pacific

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We live in an era of change.  The young people of our nation have taken to the street to demand urgent and necessary change while the most vulnerable must stay confined over fears of a highly contagious and potentially deadly virus. 

Our president, Donald J. Trump and his followers insist the US is their nation, going as far as telling us, "If you do not like it here, then leave."  They are white supremacists and they have denied the dangers of spreading covid, going so far that they intentionally make themselves and others I'll by refusing to follow safety guidelines. Trump and his followers have intentionally blocked progress toward making our nation safe for all.

This is NOT their nation, this is OUR nation and we will not leave. This is a petition to demand THEY leave and make a new home. This is a petition to demand that Trump and his followers build their own nation on the island of trash floating in the Pacific.

We do not wish to displace others or to impose the values of Trump and his supports on others, thus, we have no other choice but to send them to the trash island.

Please sign this petition so we can bring an end to the terror Trump and his supports have brought to our nation.