Give Ronald Sanford the chance to live in freedom

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I became of Ronald Lee Sanford while watching prison documentaries on YouTube. His case has been pulling at me to help him recieve the justice he deserves. When Sanford was just a child, only 13 years old, him and an older accomplice did a horrible deed. They killed two elderly women in an apparent robbery for money to go to the fair. In the eyes of a child, they knew right from wrong, but they were children barely into their adolescence teenage years. Children make decisions without thinking. Everybody does every now and again. I understand the crime he committed was horrific, something no family should have to bare the news of, but Sanford's life hadn't even began. He was 13 years old. The older teen was released two years after the incident. Sanford however was sentenced to serve 170 years with the chance of parole at age 100. He was 15 when he was sent to a maximum security prison. A very large majority of his life has been locked behind bars. He's had barely any childhood. No chance to do what a regular teenager would do. Sanford has been in a cage for three decades. He's never even driven a car. He has spent more time in prison than he's had freedom. No child should have their life stripped away from them for one bad decision. His human rights are being violated, isn't America supposed to be home of the free? How can we let this happen to a child who came from a troubled background, and made just a horrible last minute decision? Ronald Lee Sanford deserves to have a chance at life. He's educated now, and probably has had a lot of regret for what he did. Bring him his justice.