Free Ted Kacznyski

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We should free Ted Kaczynski, as he is old and in danger of getting corona virus due to being locked up in ADX Florence for crimes he committed a very long time ago. Due to his advanced age (77), if he gets this virus it will kill him. 

The crimes he committed occurred a long time ago and he has served a tremendous amount of time in prison because of this. His aims were noble. We do not condone his methods of achieving his aims but he had a noble purpose, unlike your average criminal or drug dealer. He has a very brilliant mind and to let such a mind die because of a virus is a tragedy. Ted Kaczynski has not committed a crime since 1995. He does not deserve to have his life taken from him in such a fashion, where he is held in a facility awaiting death from a horrible and tragic pandemic. We are petitioning Donald J Trump to pardon Ted Kaczynski and set him free before he dies in such an awful, inhumane, and cruel manner; he sits awaiting death like some type of cattle in a slaughterhouse. This goes against every foundation America was built on and is not the direction this country should be going in. 

In conclusion, we say: Free Ted Kaczynski. He deserves human dignity even after his crimes, and letting him die of a virus is a travesty of justice. #FreeTedKaczynski