Cut U​.​S. taxpayer funds for China's wet markets!

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China's "wet markets" are gruesome and dangerous places, where wild animals—as well as cats and dogs—are slaughtered and eaten as food. These disease-ridden wet markets are linked to the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak and previous pandemics including SARS. Reports also indicate that in China experimental lab animals are sometimes sold to wet markets for human consumption, after being abused and infected!

But here's the worst part: Your tax dollars have been keeping China’s wet markets in business for years.

Last year, White Coat Waste Project (WCW) exposed how the U.S. government sent federal employees on taxpayer-funded shopping sprees at Chinese wet markets to buy cats and puppies. They then had them slaughtered, and brought their body parts back to the United States—in carry-on luggage—to feed to kittens in bizarre and wasteful multi-million-dollar kitten cannibalism experiments.

We ended USDA’s shopping spree in China, closed its “Kitten Slaughterhouse” following an intensive campaign, and adopted out the survivors—including Delilah and Petite--to loving homes.

Now must do it again …. across the ENTIRE federal government by passing Delilah’s Law (S. 3628)!

Please sign and share this urgent petition urging President Trump to pass Delilah’s Law to cut off ALL tax funding for China’s wet markets.


Anthony Bellotti
Founder and President
White Coat Waste Project