Don't force patients to have colonoscopies without sedation

Don't force patients to have colonoscopies without sedation

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This petition is in response to the new guidelines Doug Ford is trying to pass about having colonoscopies WITHOUT sedation.

The Ontario government is looking to save half a billion dollars from OHIP. Many tests and procedures, like sedation for colonoscopies,  are currently under review by an “appropriateness” group.

I have had Crohn's disease for many years. Since my abdominal resection in 2003, I have to get a MANDATORY colonoscopy every year as I am a high risk patient.

I have tried to have a colonoscopy without sedation since my abdominal resection and the pain was absolutely UNBEARABLE! Because of my resection, and the resulting scar tissue and narrowing, I was jumping off the exam table in pain without sedation.

I am pleading for help with this petition. As someone with severe Crohn's disease on disability with very limited income, I cannot afford the anesthesia Mr. Ford wants us to pay.

To me, this proposed change is an outrage and totally unfair - people who suffer from Crohn's disease and Colitis NEED SEDATION during a colonoscopy.

If you can help me and fellow people in the same position, I would be most grateful.

Thank you


Gaynor Sydney Sword