【Do not rob us of our future】Urging the Japanese Government to Take Serious Measure Again

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We, Fridays for Future Japan (FFFJ), are a youth movement to stop climate change. We are collecting signatures to urge the Japanese government to take further measures. (日本語版)


The climate crisis has already begun

In recent years, the impact of climate change on natural disasters such as floods, droughts, forest fires, and the destruction of marine ecosystems around the world has become clear. As many as 21.5 million people are forced to relocate every year. *1

Did you know that around 3 billion animals including koalas were killed in a forest fire in Australia in 2019? *2 Why do heavy rain disasters that used to happen every ten years happen annually in Japan now? * 3 As many lives are lost and houses and buildings are destroyed, can we carry on with business as usual? 

If this situation continues, there will be more large-scale disasters around the world. The food crisis and conflict over safe land and resources will become more serious. We need to take further measures to avoid further sacrifices.


Looming time limit

Climate change is expected to become irreversible if temperatures rise above a certain level (when the global average temperature rises more than 1.5 degrees Celsius since the Industrial Revolution). Temperatures have already risen by more than 1.0 degrees Celsius as of 2016. In addition, the top five hottest years on the record were the last five years. *4 

It is said that Japan's measures against climate change are not sufficient at all. If all countries take only similar measures as Japan, the temperature increase will be more than 3 degrees Celsius and the impact of climate change will be more severe. ※ 5

If you don't take measures right now, it will be irreversible. That is why Japan should take serious measures against climate change.


Problematic Climate Policies

Climate change will not equally harm everyone on the planet. Women, the poor, and young people who will live in the future will be particularly affected. ※ 6

However, the average age of members of important conferences on Japan's energy policies is 65, and two-thirds of them are men. Enacted policies continue to ignore the damage of climate change and use thermal power generation.

These meetings are the decision-making places that will determine our future.
Shouldn't they reflect the opinions of young people, who must live with the great risks of climate change in the future?

As stated above, in order to "Stop climate change and create a world where everyone is equally protected from its effects", FFFJ demands the following three points.


(1)Achievement of 1.5 degree targets and prompt implementation of countermeasures

Not five years later, but now.

The Paris agreement, an international climate change deal, has a goal of stemming rising temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius. It is scheduled to be submitted once every five years at an international conference (COP 26) in November next year to raise each country's CO2 reduction targets.
In order to stop the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to “significantly” raise Japan's greenhouse gas reduction target (NDC) "to a large extent" now, not five years from now.

Promptly begin discussions and policy changes

To this end, we urge the Japanese government to start discussions on energy policies as soon as possible, which will serve as the basis for the reduction targets, and to make drastic policy changes especially toward achieving 100% renewable energy.


(2) Fair Process 

Interagency discussion

We urge the Japanes government to break away from the conventional structure and establish a system to promote interdepartmental discussions on climate change, with each Ministry and Cabinet Office considering climate change countermeasures as its most important issue.

Ensuring fairness and transparency

We urge you to be aware of gender and age bias and make your membership fair.

We urge you to reflect scientific knowledge and the opinions of all people affected by climate change through the participation of renewable energy experts and the development of a functional system of citizen participation.

We urge you to ensure transparency in the process of selecting members of the Committee on Energy Policy.

We request that the YouTube posts of the live and recorded videos of meetings of each council be made available to the public from limited publication.


(3) Respect Young People’s Opinions 

Review of the system

As the younger generation is more susceptible to the effects of the climate crisis, we call for the establishment of a system that takes into account the opinions of all young people, including those who do not have the right to vote.

Take responsible action 

Current policies do not guarantee the normal lives enjoyed by previous generations. We strongly urge the Japanese government to enact responsible measures for the future of the younger generation, where Japan's current energy policy has a major impact, and to create a long-term society that gives maximum consideration to the global environment.


We, FFFJ, are working to stop climate change. (https://fridaysforfuture.jp/

There is not much time left. Take action now.


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