Do not eliminate the goats on the small island of Es Vedra in Ibiza!

Do not eliminate the goats on the small island of Es Vedra in Ibiza!

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The population of goats that live on the small island of Es Vedra, is there since some considerable time. Now the Govern Balear wants to eliminate them and this term implicates an extermination.

This mania to put in order nature has provoked problems all over the planet, this is another case where they want to intervene for futile causes. “Goats are destroying the endemic flora” yes, but they are also fertilizing it! They are even spreading the seeds through their stools. And they eat dry vegetation, keeping the island clean. Till now the flora has been sufficient, Es Vedra isn’t shed of vegetation.

Maybe there’s a way to control goat population, but the total removal or extermination seems way too extreme. They are a part of the ibicenco scenery.

In no case they have to be massacred, in case the absence of goats on Es Vedra is absolutely required - we ask for the pacific removal of the animals to be well organized by the authorities. We offer ourselves as a group of volunteers, to help with the labor and with sanctuaries to shelter them. 

We demand that the goats are removed alive and that they let them quarantine in a finca sanctuary designated by the animal association Assaib.

This is the petition I’ve created to try protecting them.