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The reason that we're having an online school is the global pandemic situation. Where people get infected and having their life at stake and having a really bad month or two. Even if they don't catch the virus, a family member of them might catch it. Hence, they might have to move somewhere else than their home or find themselves in some kind the quarantine. That's why we're having an online education and that's why the lessons are being recorded; for those who cannot attend their classes 'in time'. And yet, we get an announcement saying that we MUST attend 70% of the classes.

The school should look after its students. Simplify our lives, not complicate them. IAU says we're a family. Then treat us like we are one of your family members. The students are not your enemy. We're already having enough problems with studying online.

1) Having difficulties with trying to read the notes and complex equations that our teachers write with their mice.
2) Sometimes the classes don't get recorded due to an error. So we just miss them.
3) Poor quality microphones. Even though we try so hard to understand the teachers, sometimes we just give up. Microphone qualities must be upgraded.
4) Some teachers assign students a highly extensive amount of homework. Unlike those teachers, we take more than a class in a week. We have other classes as well.
5) Connection problems on both sides:
    A) Sometimes the teachers are having a really bad connection, for this reason, the quality of the whole lesson drops.
    B) There are more than 100 students in some classes and Adobe Connect meetings are limited to 100 students at a time, that's why we couldn't even enter the class in time until this week.
There are more, but these are the most urgent ones.

1) Renounce the obligation of attending the classes 70%.
2) Explain to the teachers that they should be more understanding.
3) Explain to the teachers that it's not the fault of students that we're having an online education. Many of the teachers think that they should make their exams harder than they would normally do, in case of cheating. This is only a punishment for students who hate cheating. A cheater can always cheat, no matter the precautions.
4)Offer the teachers:
    A) A better microphone,
    B) A graphic tablet for them to be able to write comprehensible notes,
    C) A better internet connection.